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House/Pet Sitting


The ultimate care for the pets and peace of mind for you!

At Paleo Pet Sitting, we understand that most pets are accustomed to having their people home in the evenings, through the night and mornings. There are also pets who have special needs, such as young puppies, separation anxiety or medical conditions that require constant monitoring and care.


We also understand that leaving for an extended period of time can increase security risks to your home as well. The popular services below provide your pets with human companionship and care while you are away, as well as keeping your home safe from any unwelcome intruders.

Overnight Care:

Overnights start at $250/night*. Your Pet Sitter will arrive between 7-9pm and stay overnight for 12 hours from the dinner to breakfast service. Just add daytime visits from our Pet Sitting, Dog Walking or Extended Daytime Services for complete round the clock care.

Extended Daytime Care:

Extended Daycare starts at $93.75*. This 3-hour minimum daytime service is perfect for pets who cannot be left alone during the day for any length of time, or need longer service times throughout the day. Young puppies, dogs with separation anxiety and pets with medical concerns will receive the constant care they need when you cannot be there with them. A great add-on to the Overnight service!

Extended Daycare is billed at $93.75 for the first 3 hours and $31.25/hr for each additional hour*.

*Additional fees and holiday rates may apply. Please speak with a manager for a more thorough quote.

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