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Our Service Area

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Paleo Pet Sitting Service Area map with Zip Codes
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Paleo Pet Sitting proudly serves the Clear Lake community, offering top-notch pet care services tailored to meet your furry friends' needs. Our primary service area encompasses zip codes 77059, 77062, 77058, 77586, 77598, 77546, 77573, and 77565.

While our focus is on Clear Lake, we understand that pet owners in neighboring areas may also seek our services. While we strive to accommodate requests from these areas, please be aware that an "Out of Service Area Rate" will be applied to cover additional time and travel expenses incurred by our pet sitters.


Please note that the service area map provided above is a general representation and may not be entirely accurate. For precise details on our service boundaries or to inquire about service availability in your area, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.


Thank you for considering Paleo Pet Sitting as your trusted pet care provider. We look forward to the opportunity to care for your beloved pets!

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