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Alyssa Ayala

Alyssa Ayala

Pet Sitter

A dedicated member of our pet sitting team. Alyssa joined Paleo Pet in 2020, showcasing her passion for animals and ensuring their well-being. She's an invaluable resource, excelling in pet care and guiding pet parents with natural solutions.

Alyssa's commitment to learning and understanding pet nutrition has empowered countless clients to navigate pet care confidently. She mainly tends to the Paleo Pet Goods store front as our Lead Store Assistant.

When not caring for pets, she indulges in literature and explores Houston's vibrant culture. Dependable and compassionate, Alyssa steps up to save the day whenever the team needs assistance.

Meet My Pets!

At home, Alyssa shares her life with Misty, a cool black kitty, and her little sister Toph.

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