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Premium Pet Sitting Services

We provide top-notch care for your beloved companions, ensuring their comfort, safety, and happiness while you're away. With our experienced pet sitters, personalized attention, and a wide range of exclusive services, your pets will receive the luxury treatment they deserve. Discover the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your furry family members are in the hands of passionate professionals.


Includes any and all of the following types of care:

  • Feeding/water

  • Scooping of litter boxes

  • Potty time via leash walk and/or private yard

  • Interaction and playtime

  • Administering medication

  • Mail or newspaper retrieval

  • Rotating lights and window blinds for home security.​

  • Real-time updates

We are committed to creating a stress-free experience for both you and your pets, knowing that they are in the comfort of their own home while receiving the highest quality care.

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Premium Dog Sitting

starting at $35.00

Premium Cat Sitting

starting at $24.00

Bespoke Pet Sitting

starting at $35.00

Premium Dog Sitting

Experience the epitome of luxury with our premium dog sitting services. Our dedicated team of experienced dog sitters is committed to providing unparalleled care and attention to your canine companion. From personalized exercise routines tailored to your dog's needs to cozy accommodations and pampering sessions, we ensure that every aspect of your dog's stay is nothing short of extraordinary. With our premium dog sitting services, you can relax knowing that your furry friend is in the lap of luxury. Treat your dog to an unforgettable experience and book our premium dog sitting services today!

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Premium Cat Sitting

We understand that cats are social creatures, often misunderstood due to their independent demeanor. Our dedicated cat sitters specialize in providing a nurturing and engaging environment that brings out the sociable side of your beloved cat. Through interactive play, companionship, and understanding, we bridge the gap between humans and cats, allowing their sociability to shine.


We also cater to shy cats! With our Whisker Warm Ups and wellness visits, we ensure your feline friend's essential needs are taken care of.

With our premium cat sitting services, you can have peace of mind knowing your cat will receive the highest level of care and respect.


To prevent undesirable behaviors like inappropriate elimination and furniture destruction, we have minimum visit requirements based on life stages:

  • Cats under 2 years of age: Minimum of one (1) visit per 12-hour period.

  • Cats 2 years of age and older without medical conditions: Minimum of one (1) visit per 24-hour period.

  • Cats of any age with medical conditions: Minimum of one (1) visit per 12-hour period.


By adhering to these minimum visit guidelines, we ensure the well-being of your cat, addressing their specific needs and promoting their overall health and happiness.

Bespoke Pet Sitting

We also provide exceptional in-home pet care services for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, turtles, bearded dragons, and similar creatures.

We understand that every type of small pet has its own specific requirements, so our dedicated caregivers will come to your home to provide the care and feeding your pets need. Whether it's daily visits for feeding, cleaning, and playtime, ensuring a clean and safe environment, or providing specialized care for reptiles, you can trust our experienced team at Paleo Pet Sitting to deliver personalized and compassionate care for your beloved small animals.

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New Client Meet & Greet

Your first step to booking custom pet sitting services with Paleo Pet Sitting is to schedule a Meet & Greet. At this visit, we will come to your home to visit with you and your pet(s) to better understand their routines and what they like and don't like. We will make sure they are completely comfortable while you are away!

Initial visit with you and your pet(s) to acclimate to their schedules and routines. You'll get to meet us and get all your important questions answered too!

Pet Sitting


$35.00 | 30 minutes

Dog Walking


$50.00 | 45 minutes

*$10/each additional 10 minutes

To ensure that pet sitting is the best fit for your pets, your sitter team will conduct a "Setting up the Door" assessment to test for anxious pet behaviors and responses that may only surface when their Pet Parents have been completely removed from the home environment.


Your pet may not exhibit anxious or reactive behaviors that can cause possible injuries to our employees while you are present. This assessment will give you and our sitters a true picture of how much time your pet may need to build a safe and happy relationship with the pet sitter team.

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Our Pet Sitting Manager will assist you with an accurate quote for the duration of care your pets will require. Every client is unique and the rates shown above are not final and are provided as a starting estimate only.


Fees increase with additional pets and/or time. A $10.75 fee will be added to each visit scheduled on a holiday. We reserve the right to charge for additional time spent caring for your pets at any visit as deemed necessary.

Booking Restrictions and Lead Time


Clients are required to book their pet sitting services at least 5 days in advance. This will allow us to plan and allocate resources effectively. In order to incentivize early bookings and accommodate last-minute requests, we will be implementing a fee structure:

If clients book within 5 days of the service, a $10 fee will apply. For bookings made within 24 hours of the service, a $25 fee will be incurred. These fees will be applied as compensation to our pet sitters for keeping their schedules available for Paleo Pet Sitting duties.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations made 72+ hours in advance of the scheduled visits will receive a credit that can be used towards future services. This credit will be equal to the value of the cancelled visits and can be used within 6 months from the original booking date.

  • Cancellations made within 72 hours prior to the scheduled visits will not be eligible for a credit and is subject to a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be equal to the value of the cancelled visits. As these cancellations occur within a shorter notice period, it becomes challenging for us to secure alternative bookings to replace the cancelled visits. 

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