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What makes our services different?

​We stand apart from other pet care service providers in the familiarity area. We believe that for you and your pets to be truly comfortable with your pet sitter team, it is important and necessary that the pets have regular weekly visits with their team. This helps to build an established ongoing relationship with their care givers who will visit them during times when you are traveling away. You will be able to travel worry-free because your pets already know us like family, and so do you.

Pet Sitting3.png

Pet Sitting Services

Includes any and all of the following types of care:

  • Feeding/water

  • Scooping of litter boxes

  • Potty time via leash walk and/or private yard

  • Interaction and playtime

  • Administering medication

  • Mail or newspaper retrieval

  • Rotating lights and window blinds for home security.​

  • Real-time updates

Cat Pet Sitting

starting at $24.00

Dog Pet Sitting

starting at $35.00

Bespoke Pet Sitting

starting at $35.00

Pet Nutrition.png

Pet Nutrition:

Consultation and Curation

Brought to you by Paleo Pet Goods. Whether in person or via video call, optimize your pet's health with personalized nutrition plans and expert consultations.

In-Home Consultation | 60 mins

starting at $49.00

Video Consultation | 60 mins

starting at $35.00

Dog Walking.png

Dog Walking

Keep your dog active and content with our reliable dog walking services. Our expert walkers are dedicated to providing attentive care and engaging walks for your beloved pet.

The Steady Stroll | 30 mins

starting at $40.00

The Long Walk | 45 mins

starting at $49.00

The Enrichment Walk | 60 mins

starting at $70.00

Service Subscriptions.png

Service Subscriptions

In order to register with Paleo Pet Sitting for ongoing pet sitting services, it is a requirement to subscribe to our monthly Familiarity Service in the beginning. This is a once weekly visit to build a strong relationship with the pet care team assigned to your pets.

Whisker Warm Ups (for Cats)

(4) 15 min familiarization visits

starting at $96/month

Some cats may even benefit from a weekly 15 minute social visit if they exhibit reactive behaviors towards new people coming into their home.

Backyard Adventure

(4) 30 min visits

starting at $120/month

Steady Stroll

(4) 30 min walks

starting at $140/month

The Long Walk

(4) 45 min walks

starting at $168/month

Note: Subscription Rates shown reflect a loyalty discount and are paid monthly prior to the beginning of each new Subscription period. The loyalty discount will be extended to additional pet sitting services booked as needed for as long as the monthly subscription is kept active.

HELLO (1).png

New Client Meet & Greet

Your first step to booking custom pet sitting services with Paleo Pet Sitting is to schedule a Meet & Greet. At this visit, we will come to your home to visit with you and your pet(s) to better understand their routines and what they like and don't like. We will make sure they are completely comfortable while you are away!

Initial visit with you and your pet(s) to acclimate to their schedules and routines. You'll get to meet us and get all your important questions answered too!

Pet Sitting


$35.00 | 30 minutes

Dog Walking


$50.00 | 45 minutes

*$10/each additional 10 minutes

To ensure that pet sitting is the best fit for your pets, your sitter team will conduct a "Setting up the Door" assessment to test for anxious pet behaviors and responses that may only surface when their Pet Parents have been completely removed from the home environment.


Your pet may not exhibit anxious or reactive behaviors that can cause possible injuries to our employees while you are present. This assessment will give you and our sitters a true picture of how much time your pet may need to build a safe and happy relationship with the pet sitter team.

HELLO (2).png

Our Pet Sitting Manager will assist you with an accurate quote for the duration of care your pets will require. Every client is unique and the rates shown above are not final and are provided as a starting estimate only.


Fees increase with additional pets and/or time. A $10.75 fee will be added to each visit scheduled on a holiday. We reserve the right to charge for additional time spent caring for your pets at any visit as deemed necessary.

Booking Restrictions and Lead Time

Clients are required to book their pet sitting services at least 5 days in advance. This will allow us to plan and allocate resources effectively. In order to incentivize early bookings and accommodate last-minute requests, we will be implementing a fee structure:

First Time Clients: a 2 week lead time is required for the onboarding process. Last minute services will not be accommodated.

If clients book within 5 days of the service, a $10 fee will apply. For bookings made within 24 hours of the service, a $25 fee will be incurred. These fees will be applied as compensation to our pet sitters for keeping their schedules available for Paleo Pet Sitting duties.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations made 72+ hours in advance of the scheduled visits will receive a credit that can be used towards future services. This credit will be equal to the value of the cancelled visits and can be used within 6 months from the original booking date.

  • Cancellations made within 72 hours prior to the scheduled visits will not be eligible for a credit and is subject to a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be equal to the value of the cancelled visits. As these cancellations occur within a shorter notice period, it becomes challenging for us to secure alternative bookings to replace the cancelled visits. 

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