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Service Subscriptions

We want you and your pets to have the best experience with us. What better way to have ultimate peace of mind than when your pet views us as part of their family?


Our recommendation for ongoing pet sitting services, is to subscribe to our monthly Familiarity Service. This is a once weekly visit to build a strong relationship with the pet care team assigned to your pets.​​

Note: Subscription Rates shown reflect a loyalty discount and are paid monthly prior to the beginning of each new Subscription period. The loyalty discount will be extended to additional pet sitting services booked as needed for as long as the monthly subscription is kept active.

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Our paws are currently full! Join the service subscription waitlist and get updated as soon as a sitter in your area becomes available.

Level 1: Basic Weekly Comfort Plan

$140 per month

(4) 15 min

Do you worry about your shy cat or new puppy being home alone, feeling anxious or lonely, especially when they need special care or medication? The Basic Weekly Comfort Plan is designed for pet owners who need peace of mind during their busy days. For just $140 a month, this plan provides your pet with consistent, loving care from a sitter who quickly becomes a trusted friend.


With four 15-minute visits each week and a 5% discount on additional services, your pet will always have someone to keep them company and ensure their well-being. It’s more than just care—it’s about making sure your pet feels loved, even when you can’t be there.

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Level 2: Standard Weekly Visit Plan

(4) 30 min

$200 per month

Long workdays can be stressful, especially when you think about your dog cooped up at home, needing more interaction and exercise. The Standard Weekly Visit Plan, at $200 a month, is perfect for pet owners who want to enrich their pet’s day. With four 30-minute visits each week, your dog will get the companionship and activity they crave.


Plus, our yard pick-up service adds convenience to your routine. This plan ensures your dog’s happiness and health, allowing you to come home to a content and well-exercised pet. Upgrade one of the visits to a walk for even more fun and exercise.

Level 3: Premium Weekly Visit Plan

(10) 30 min

$500 per month

For those with high-energy pets, the Premium Weekly Visit Plan is the ultimate solution. At $500 a month, this plan caters to the vigorous demands of your pet’s lifestyle with ten 30-minute visits each week. It’s perfect for ensuring your pet gets plenty of play, walks, and interaction, keeping them happy and healthy.


Additionally, the plan includes yard pick-up and a 10% discount on all services, providing comprehensive care for your pet. With this plan, you can relax knowing your pet is thriving under the watchful eyes of a caregiver who treats them like their own.

The service includes four visits per month, and clients can set up a recurring subscription to pre-pay for visits and schedule them according to their availability. Loyalty pricing on additional services is offered.

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Terms and Conditions: Overview

Cancellation Policy

More Subscription Perks!

Postponement of Services:

If a client wishes to postpone their services for a specific period, the scheduled visits will be credited to their account. The credited services can be used within 6 months from the original service date, and payment will continue as scheduled.

To qualify for the service credit, the client must notify Paleo Pet Sitting at least 7 days prior to the scheduled services. Failure to provide a 7-day notice will result in the service credit not applying, and the visits will be billed as though the service was completed.

Early Termination of Subscription:

In the event of early termination of a subscription, a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining balance will be charged.

Any additional services requested beyond the subscription benefits will also be provided at discounted loyalty rates.


The loyalty discount will be extended to additional pet care services booked as needed for as long as the monthly subscription is kept active. Once the subscription is terminated, rates will revert back to regular rates.

For more information...

In addition to the aforementioned subscription policies, the full Paleo Pet Sitting Policies apply.

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