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About Us

Paleo Pet Goods is an independent pet nutrition store focusing on cats and dogs. In 2006, one of the largest pet food recalls occurred causing a drastic shift in pet nutrition. Due to the devastating results of this recall and the apparent need for reputable and reliable people in pet nutrition, Christine Dawson, Managing Owner and Pet Nutrition Advocate, opened Paleo Pet Goods.


Christine realized that not only was education desperately needed in the community regarding pet nutrition, but the availability of species-appropriate diets was needed as well. Since then, we strive to focus on stocking our shelves with species-appropriate pet foods that are made by small, family owned manufacturers based in North America (USA and Canada) and abroad. Additionally, not a single brand offered at Paleo Pet Goods sources their ingredients from China or any other undesirable location.

Our team of experienced Pet Nutrition Advocates and pet sitters are ready to help you with your questions about what foods are really best for your dog or cat.

Brands that we carry include but are not limited to: Bocce's, First Mate, Fromm, Pet Relief CBD, Koha, Nature's Logic, Northwest Naturals, Primal, One Fur All Pet House, Stella & Chewy's, Steve's Real Food, Skout's Honor, Small Batch, Tucker's, Weruva, Wondercide, Vital Essentials, pre-made raw options and many other brands that focus on producing quality, natural pet foods, treats and more.


Our top priority is providing the best foods and supplies specifically for your pet! Learn more by visiting our sister website today or stop by for a visit!

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