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Christine Dawson

Christine Dawson

Office Manager
Pet Sitting Manager

Christine Dawson, the heart and soul of our company, is a true animal lover with a deep passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle. With over 10 years of experience in the pet food industry and over 20 years as a dedicated pet caregiver, Christine brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company.

As the owner of the company, Christine takes on the vital role of managing both our retail store and pet sitting services. Her primary goal is to empower every pet parent she interacts with, helping them improve and enrich the lives of their furry companions.

Beyond assisting pet parents in providing optimal nutrition and care for their pets, Christine enjoys spending quality time with her husband and their own furry family. Music is another one of her passions, providing her with a creative outlet and relaxation. In her younger years, Christine was actively involved in independent cat rescue, supporting young "unwed" mothers and finding loving homes for both mother and kittens. She also experienced the famous "foster failure" syndrome, eventually caring for up to 13 cats after several years of rescue work.

Since establishing Paleo Pet Goods in 2007, Christine's vision has expanded to include in-home pet care services. By nurturing happy and healthy pets directly in client homes, she aims to provide peace of mind to pet owners during times of work or travel.

As the company has grown, Christine has transitioned into a managerial role, offering leadership and guidance to our exceptional team of pet sitters. This allows her to focus on the visionary process of aligning the service with the core values she established, ensuring that every client receives a consistently stellar experience, regardless of the sitter caring for their beloved pets.

Meet My Pets!

Currently, Christine's fuzzy family include Sadie, a sweet Jack Russell Terrier mix dog, Levi, Teva, Emmy, three very snuggly cats, and Bunbun, an adorable Miniature Holland Lop rabbit.

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