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Grace Peralta

Grace Peralta


Allow us to introduce you to Grace, a former pet sitter with Paleo Pet Sitting who possesses an irresistible natural aura that animals simply can't resist. Grace's calm demeanor has the remarkable ability to coax even the most timid pets out of their shells.

Her journey in the pet industry began when she visited İstanbul in 2017 and fell head over heels for the stray animals she encountered. Inspired by this experience, she made the courageous decision to leave her hospitality career behind and dedicate herself to becoming a full-time pet sitter.

After 5 years of doing pet sitting with us and a couple thousands of pet sits on her belt, she continues to embrace her passion for pets, Grace now lends her skills in administrative assistance and graphic design to pet businesses with her brand Ad Character, supporting their growth and success.

From her humble beginnings as a pet sitter to her invaluable contributions behind the scenes, Grace has become an integral part of the Paleo Pet Sitting family.

Meet My Pets!

Grace now resides where it all began, in İstanbul, where she shares her home with her adored family of three feline companions: Smokey, River and Papi! She's always on the lookout in the streets of Istanbul for pups that need extra loving.

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