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Kira Cusimano

Kira Cusimano

Pet Sitter

Meet Kira, a dedicated animal lover and experienced pet sitter. With a background in volunteering at animal shelters, fostering dogs and cats, and extensive knowledge in small animal management and equine science, Kira brings a wealth of expertise to Paleo Pet Sitting since 2022.

Kira's decision to become a pet sitter stems from her genuine connection and affection for animals. Her goal is to provide exceptional care, forming meaningful connections, and ensuring each furry friend receives the love and attention they deserve.

Rest assured, your pets will be in compassionate and capable hands under Kira's watch.

Meet My Pets!

At home, she shares her life with Miley, a lovable Dog/Lab mix, Enzo, an energetic Dog/Pit mix, and her reptile buddies Titan, a magnificent Red-tail Boa Constrictor, Ink, a charming Mexican Black Kingsnake, and Mars, a vibrant Koi Betta fish.

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